Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Marriage & Family Therapy
Media Consultant

Dr. Liz has been in private practice, specializing in marriage and family therapy for 20 years. She holds a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and Masters degrees in Public Administration and Counseling Psychology from Seattle University and Antioch University, respectively. Dr. Liz is a board member and presenter for the Utah Marriage Commission, and serves as a media expert for KSL Television and Radio.

Her quiet and private office ensures that clients feel safe, comfortable, and truly important to Dr. Liz. She recognizes the courage it takes to visit with a complete stranger, but after one session, Dr. Liz is far from a stranger to her clients and she’s honored by the trust she’s earned.


If you are teetering on the knife edge of divorce but not sure if that is the best option to take then Discernment Counseling is for you. Discernment Counseling is an opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath, and consider all of your options.

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Couples often seek Marriage Counseling in an effort to better understand their partner and strengthen their relationship.  Some couples go through Marriage Counseling to heal a troubled relationship.

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The main goal of Family Therapy is to nurture change and development which it does by placing an emphasis on family relationships for psychological health. Involving family often benefits the client regardless of whether they consider it an individual or family issue.

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