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Why is there a social stigma associated with being single?

“Dave” called the radio show the day before Thanksgiving to share the painful memories of his post-divorce, nine-year stretch of loneliness prior to his current marriage. “Holidays remind you that you’re single. I hated every one of them those were the worst times of my life.” Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Why is it so painful when an ex marries?

The breakup was your idea. You even used the old “It’s not you, it’s me,” speech. Both of you have moved on, right? Then why is it so painful when you discover that your ex is getting married? When my ex-boyfriend Dave went from dating “her” to marrying “her,” I grieved all over, again! It was really over. Continue Reading…


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Why is sex such a sensitive subject?

Why is something supposedly so natural so difficult to discuss . . . especially with our kids? When you were growing up, was sex an open-door policy in your home? Trust me when I say parents who don’t teach their children about sex are still teaching their children about sex, e.g. “We don’t talk about that in our family!” Continue Reading…


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Why is it common to hide money from a spouse?

Let’s be honest. Financial infidelity exists in one of every three marriages. The No. 1 item most likely to be hidden from a spouse? Money! Continue Reading…


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Your spouse had an affair: forgive, or forget it?

There seems to be a myth in the minds of today’s married couples: the myth of monogamy. The people who are the most vulnerable? Those who say, “That’ll never happen to us!”

The truth is, we’re all vulnerable. How could “it” happen in your marriage? Let me just say I have yet to meet anyone who suddenly wakes up one day and decides, “Today’s the day! I’m gonna start that affair!” Infidelity happens one step at a time, one poor decision based upon another. Perhaps the more important question is how will it not happen to you? Continue Reading…