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Salt Lake Tribune

Do New Year’s resolutions set us up for failure?

‘Twas the night before New Year’s, when all through my mind, what goals did I promise? My list I can’t find!

Here we are approaching yet another New Year’s Eve. Along with that midnight smooch, if you can force yourself to stay awake that long, we will ring in another new year of hopeful change. How’d you do with last year’s resolutions? Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

How do you make it through the holidays grieving your loved one? The holidays are an exciting and happy time for most people, but for others they are a painful reminder of a loved one who is no longer here to celebrate. People on the street and in stores probably are greeting you with some “happy” or other “merry” sentiment. But, for you, it may not be such a happy or merry time. A loving mother, grieving the loss of her son, sent the following e-mail: Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Holidays: Do you adore or abhor them?

The holidays. The time for overabundant joy; overabundant everything. From overeating to overspending, this time of year brings with it the temptation to overindulge, period.

A recent poll by the American Psychological Association shows that 61 percent of Americans cite lack of money as the top cause of holiday stress, followed by the increased pressures of gift giving, lack of time, and credit card debt. Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Many readers responded to last week’s inquiry regarding singles’ social stigma. It seems the only attachment many of us have is to the feeling of not fitting in. Continue Reading…