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Qualified, bona fide stepmothers stepped up to answer last week’s question: Can stepmothers ever step over the hurdles of their titles? I may be the psychologist, but here are the experts.

Lynn Nicholas joined the establishment of her husband and his three teenagers when she was a spry and experienced 60-year-old. But, even age and wisdom didn’t prepare her. “Even though I had three children of my own, I didn’t realize what I was about to undertake. If the marital bond isn’t strong . . . the presence of stepchildren in the house can destroy your marriage.” Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Can stepmothers ever step over the hurdles of their title?

Just add children and stir. I recently spoke to a divorced mother of three who had just married a

widowed father of two. A week after the honeymoon, she set the record straight with her two young stepdaughters: “I know I’m not your mother . . . and I’ll never be able to replace her, but I want you to know that I love you just as much as I love my own children.” Continue Reading…


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Have you ever been judged unfairly because of your weight?

It was probably blind date No. 52, but there was something different about this one. I kind of liked him! He was educated, fun-loving, and living his career dream. So I was rather disappointed when his phone calls were sporadic and interest luke-warm. Then I had a conversation with the “friend” who set us up. The feedback? A bit painful. No. 52’s comment? “You said Liz was slim . . . but, she certainly isn’t skinny.” Continue Reading…


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Whether we agree or not, I extend my gratitude and respect to the articulate readers responding to last week’s column in which I posed the question: Is there such a thing as a good divorce?” Continue Reading…


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Is there such a thing as a good divorce?

Much has been written lately about “the good divorce,” but does such a thing really exist? It appears that this softened talk about divorce is alive and well in our society. Guilty, heartbroken parents worry about their children. And, well-meaning professionals are there to comfort and reassure, but not this one. My concern about our divorce soft-talk is that it minimizes, distorts, and ignores the pain felt by children of divorce. Continue Reading…