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Salt Lake Tribune

How do we protect our children from eating disorders?

Although I was fairly young, I still remember that delicious plate of fresh-baked cookies presented by my precious grandmother as she asked, “Elizabeth, would you like one?”

Before I could answer and dive in for a taste of heaven, someone named “Mother” promptly blurted out on my behalf, “No, she doesn’t!” (In a way, Mom was right. . . . I didn’t want one. I wanted two or three.) Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

How can we inspire our daughters to become physically active?

I think my once very athletic father would have really enjoyed raising a son. Born the second of two daughters, weighing a whopping 9 pounds 10 ounces, I should have been a boy. Perhaps I felt sorry for my sonless dad or just wanted to ensure that he would be proud of me, but every summer as a young teen, I signed up for a girls’ summer softball league. And, prior to every game, without fail, I felt sick to my stomach because I was so anxious about playing. Truth be told, I hated softball. I don’t believe there was an athletic bone in my body. It’s interesting what you’ll do to engage a parent. As my dad and I laugh about it today, he regrets he didn’t practice ball with me more often. (I let him think that would’ve helped.) Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Valentine’s Day. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Stupid or Cupid? For singles, it can seem like an unbearable holiday that can’t end early enough. For marrieds, it may seem like yet another ultra-romantic set-up by the greeting card, candy, and jewelry industries and to think you just barely got through Christmas!

What’s hailed as the “most romantic night” of the year puts high expectations and heavy pressures on everyone, especially husbands. Once, again, men, it’s up to you to perform. Your job, wives? To be grateful. Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Marital intimacy is not an easy topic to talk or write about but one that is essential to marriage. Busy married couples with demanding children must make their marital bond a priority. Yeah, right!

Easy for me to say as an unmarried, childless professional. Perhaps the best that couples can do is to rank caring for their family as the No. 1 goal they share. Continue Reading…