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Salt Lake Tribune

What are the ramifications of deciding to have a child using a sperm donor?

Most single women would find his online profile appealing: 6 feet 2 inches tall, blond, blue-eyed, genetic-and-disease-free, high IQ, charming personality, psychologically sound. His name? 48QAH. Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

Imagine a husband and wife communicating primarily over the Internet. They send intimate e-mail details of their deepest thoughts, childhood disappointments, life’s victories and mysteries, and explicit sexual fantasies all before signing off with a commitment to their undying love and devotion.

Regardless of their lack of physical intimacy, the emotional connection is intense. There’s only one problem: The e-mails are addressed to other people. Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

“Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” Little did I know that those words would create sheer terror in the mind of my then 4-year-old niece, Maggy. “Bugs? Aunt Lizzie, what bugs?”

Explaining this “common saying” offered no comfort. (I wasn’t about to come clean that they actually exist!) That particular night, the sheer mention of “bugs” kept both of us awake! I never mentioned them again. Continue Reading…


Salt Lake Tribune

What has helped you in grieving the death of an adult son or daughter?

Whether I was alone in my living room listening to the evening news, or behind the microphone on AM 820 trying to speak the same words myself, it mattered not; I cried over the loss of another fallen hero. This time it was our own Gregson Gourley. I’m sorry to say that we were never formally introduced, yet many of us met him through the loving eyes and warm wisdom of his precious grandmother: “He was a very gentle person. He had a great desire to be an outstanding soldier and an outstanding man. He wanted to be a father his children could be proud of.”

He was and they are, I’m certain. Continue Reading…