Monthly Archives: January 2008

Simple Ways to Improve Your Marriage

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 Dirty socks left on the floor, an expensive purchase made outside the family budget, more rude remarks made about your mother, another empty milk carton cluttering the kitchen counter�..Although the triggers vary, the outcome is the same: all couples fight the same fight! But we all feel so alone.

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Vowing to Stay Married

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 January is stereotypically known for being the healthiest time of year; we start diet and fitness plans with a new resolve to live longer, happier lives. However, there is another common practice that isn’t so positive in January: it is the one month out of the year marked by the […]

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Words and Beliefs That Sabotage

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 It’s amazing how we setÃ? ourselves up to fail simply by the language that we use. I often hear from clients and friends, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I lose weight? What can’t I control my temper? Why can’t I be more organized? Why doesn’t anything ever work out for […]

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Resolving Resolutions in a New Way

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 Eat less. Exercise more. Stop smoking. Start saving. Clean up closets.Ã? Dwindle down debt. If these admonitions sound familiar to you, join the millions of Americans who start off a new year determined to make a change in their life. Trouble is, these same resolutions will likely top next year’s list, […]

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