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You’ve devoted well-over a decade of untold time and energy to your children. You’ve warned them about drugs and alcohol, not to mention the facts of life and love. For years you’ve been driving them to practice, games, and dances and now your young teens might be driving youââ?¬Â¦a little batty. Ah, the push and pull of living with a teenager. You may even be familiar with how a simple, “Hi, how are you?” switches to an all-out war as your teen accuses you of being way too intrusive! Teens can turn on a dimeââ?¬Â¦and parents need to learn how to hold on tight. Continue Reading…


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Dirty socks left on the floor, an expensive purchase made outside the family budget, more rude remarks made about your mother, another empty milk carton cluttering the kitchen counterââ?¬Â¦..Although the triggers vary, the outcome is the same: all couples fight the same fight! But we all feel so alone. Continue Reading…


Vowing to Stay Married

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January is stereotypically known for being the healthiest time of year; we start diet and fitness plans with a new resolve to live longer, happier lives. However, there is another common practice that isn’t so positive in January: it is the one month out of the year marked by the greatest number of people filing for divorce. Continue Reading…


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It’s amazing how we setÃ? ourselves up to fail simply by the language that we use. I often hear from clients and friends, “What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I lose weight? What can’t I control my temper? Why can’t I be more organized? Why doesn’t anything ever work out for me?” Continue Reading…


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Eat less. Exercise more. Stop smoking. Start saving. Clean up closets.Ã? Dwindle down debt. If these admonitions sound familiar to you, join the millions of Americans who start off a new year determined to make a change in their life. Trouble is, these same resolutions will likely top next year’s list, too. Why are New Year’s Resolutions so difficult to keep? Continue Reading…