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It’s easy to be passionate about things we love, but what about finding passion in the mundane, monotonous, day-to-day tasks we need to do in order to enjoy what we love? Continue Reading…


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February 15th marked a national holiday: S.A.D. No, not Seasonal Affective Disorder, but Single’s Awareness Day. However, those two different events may have felt like one-in-the-same for those feeling blue and alone last week. But, whether you are single by death, divorce, choice, or still wondering why, living alone doesn’t mean you are alone – nearly 98 million people live as singles in the United States. Continue Reading…


Long-term W.A.M.

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KSL Television ~ Studio 5� 

In spite of new technologies that are meant to connect us, information overload and round-the-clock accessibility to anyone and everyone have disconnected us from our most meaningful relationships. Unprecedented levels of stress are taking their toll on romantic relationships. We’re often just too busy or too tired to sustain “The W.A.M:” The will, attitude, and motivation to stay happily married! Continue Reading…


KSL Television ~ Studio 5

Money doesn’t buy it. Education and IQ have no effect. Even youth and attraction can’t budge the meter. For decades, researchers have been studying what makes us happy and passionate about life, and it’s clear that thoseÃ? factors just don’t cut it.Ã? Ã? So, what does cause the happy meter to be tipped towards the positive? Continue Reading…