Monthly Archives: April 2008

Understanding Anxiety

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment Everybody breathes. Everybody sleeps. And everybody stresses – yes, even your yoga teacher! Stress isn’t always bad; stress actually cranks-out the necessary hormones that increase productivity. But, (here’s the kicker) only to a point! After that point of stress-benefit, it’s all down hill from there.

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Helping a Loved One Change

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment When loved one’s engage in self-destructive behavior, our loving temptation is to point out just where they are going astray. After all, isn’t nudging/nagging/reminding/rebuking the best way to get someone to change? Obviously not or change would happen more readily because most of us have tried […]

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Embrace Change: Keys to Being a “Good Coper”

KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment If you think about it, really the only constant in life is change. Already today many of us have changed clothes, changed diapers, changed gears, changed stations, changed plans, and changed our mind (every woman’s prerogative.) So, with all this practice, why do we resist those […]

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