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KSL Television ~ Studio 5

“Making Every Moment Count” is sometimes easier said than done. Each hour, each day is truly a gift. Yet we often go from meeting to meeting, task to task, forgetting. Whether your daily work consists of washing floors or washing faces, making meals or making music, solving problems or solving crimes, saving coupons or saving lives, it is imperative to experience joy in the journey. Continue Reading…


KSL Television ~ Studio 5

Between the stressors of details and deadlines, family and friendships, traffic and to-do lists, “being in the moment” is a challenging proposition! Too often we live our lives on auto-pilot, running through our “moments” so we can get to other “moments”. It’s easy to hustle through life, get in the car and go, go, goââ?¬Â¦but there are times when we need to hush-the-rush and enjoy the present. Continue Reading…