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KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment

Divorce comes with painful costs; not to mention the emotional toil divorce has on adults and children. The Healthy Marriage Initiative is to help couples better prepare themselves for marriage before wedding vows and to help others strengthen their existing marriage, post wedding vows.

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Too Sexy, Too Soon?

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KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment

Children are the target when it comes to exploiting them with marketing messages. Marketers know about young children’s vulnerabilities and they prey on them. (This doesn’t mean these marketers hate children; many of them are likely parents themselves but money is the bottomline.) Children are too young to understand that the purpose of an ad is to get them to buy something. Continue Reading…


KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment

Often times we’re given the advice, just relax!” If it were only so easy, right? We all have busy lives and the thought of meditation and personal development, even though we continually hear bout its benefits, can seem all too daunting. I have simplified the process to ensure that we achieve the biggest bang for every minute of self-care invested in ourselves! Continue Reading…