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Expectations can be dangerous to your relationships. We often use expectations to control and manipulate others, without even knowing it.

It’s true that we’re controlling people if we chain them hand and foot, put a ring in their nose, and lead them around as we wish. We know that’s wrong, but most of us use a similar, albeit more subtle, way of controlling people and we use it every day. We control them with our expectations.

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We are all just trying to do our best managing the day to day, so why do we judge each other?

1. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”Gandhi

I don’t always know the changes I need to make about me until I start pointing the critical finger at youââ?¬Â¦then the change I need to make becomes obvious!

Make a practice to see the reverse; in other words, whatever comes out of my judgmental mouth about you, I often turn it around and see where I am just like” you.” Actually, it’s not even that altruisticââ?¬Â¦whatever judgment I have about you, always belongs to me! I was in AZ visiting my father and my sister who also lives there asked me to feed their guinea pig for a few days while they were out of town. I remember going in to feed this very fat guinea pig, looking around inside my sister’s laundry room thinking, “Man, I know Mindy’s busy but she should really carve out a day or two and clean this mess up.” Stuff was piled high across the counter tops. The cupboards were full ~ it was the catch-all room for their fast-paced family. It was a disaster!

About 2 weeks later, I’m getting ready to do some laundry in my own home and I go to open the doors to my small laundry room, and everything that I had piled high on my laundry room shelves came cascading down like a water fallââ?¬Â¦the shelf had just given in because I had so much junk on it, like things that really needed to be thrown out or placed in another storage roomââ?¬Â¦.there it was! I saw my sisters’ laundry room right in my own home! Continue Reading…