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It’s a role more and more adults are being asked to play – yet many step-parents feel like they are fighting an uphill battle.

It can be extremely hard to find the right balance when you’re a stepparent. Many adults try to blend their own families with high expectations. There is an erroneous belief that this experience will be similar to their first marriage in terms of time spent together, working on and enjoying the relationship. However, while initial marriages revolve around the new partner, subsequent marriages revolve around the children. Continue Reading…


It’s a number you might wonder about – but never talk about. Does how much you have sex matter, in a relationship?

OK, so there isn’t a magic number on the number of times per month or week that a couple “should” have sex, but marriage requires making love – it is an integral part of a healthy relationship! Learn about each other’s sexual needs and put in the effort to meet those needs. You are the one person in the universe that has the responsibility and privilege of making your partner feel they are the center of your world. We all want to know we count; that we matter..ââ?¬Â¦significantly! What is it about marriage that sets that relationship apart from all other relationships? Intimacy. Just take the term “nakedness.” There is a literal and figurative definition. The latter is to know and be known by this one personââ?¬Â¦Ã¢â?¬Â¦without obstacles, boundaries, fears or secrets. Continue Reading…