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Should You Schedule Sex?

November 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

We schedule doctors’ appointments, vacations and special events–but what about scheduling sex?

Many view a calendared-tryst as unromantic, lacking in spontaneity and excitement. However, is it possible that it could just be plain smart with today’s busy lifestyles?

Sex is perfectly natural….but it’s not always naturally perfect! Like anything worthwhile, it takes work, effort and forethought. Continue Reading…


It’s a question most couples have asked themselves at one point or another: do we need marriage counseling?

In most marriages, one or both partners resist the idea of counseling. We are even more resistant to thinking about getting help with our relationship than we are with personal depression or anxiety. Some believe they can’t afford it, while others find it inconvenient. Many view marriage therapy only as a last desperate attempt to save a failing marriage. What’s even more surprising is the fact that many people avoid going to marriage counseling because they fear the counselor will make matters worse, inevitably causing marital death and divorce! Continue Reading…


Do you judge other people when you discover that they have had plastic surgery? Do you judge them negatively? Does that mean that you think they are shallow? Continue Reading…