Monthly Archives: January 2013

Worried Sick: Hypochondriasis

You might know someone (or be someone) who is always worried about being sick or contracting some horrible disease. We joke about hypochondriacs, but it’s a very real condition that can affect the lives of those with the condition and those who love them. Imagine you’re experiencing unsettling heart palpitations. Despite every imaginable test, the […]

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Talking to Your Child about Your Past

Will you have the words when your child puts you in the “hot seat”? Kids have always said the darnedest things. But, today they are asking even more frank and personal questions about their parents’ past lives than in previous generations, thanks to curiosity prompted by the Internet and social media. Our children are the […]

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The Words of an Authentic Apology

Sometimes simply saying . . . “I’m sorry” isn’t enough. The effective apology is a significant behavior that has actually helped us survive. If societies were to go to war at every slight offense, they would cancel each other out. Humans have had to learn how to cooperate and they do this by striking a […]

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