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Laws govern our society, but there are a few laws that also govern our relationships.

The Law of Unconditional Love

When people say to us, “I love you because…” we can hardly wait to hear what follows: “…you’re so beautiful/strong/clever/cute/strong/funny.” All our lives we’ve heard people describe the qualities that make people loved, and we’ve come to believe that in order to be loved ourselves, we must possess those qualities. How thrilled we feel when someone tells us that we are indeed worth of their affection. But that is conditional love. Unconditional or real love is caring about someone’s happiness without any concern for what we’ll get for ourselves, and without any standard that must be met by the person we love.

Why do we love others without them having to earn it? Because they need it! Let’s say you see someone who is suddenly drowning in the deep end of a pool. Why do you throw him a rope of life preserver and try to help him out of the pool? Does he have to pay you before you’ll help him out? Or say something nice to you? Or tell a clever joke to make you laugh?No! You pull him from the water because he needs it. And that’s we aim to love others unconditionally, because they need it. Continue Reading…