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Sometimes it’s not the small steps but the ever-so-slight slides that can take a marriage downhill.


Every joy and every difficulty seems to be intensified this time of year. So when someone we love suffers a loss, we’re often at a loss for what to say.Ã?  Continue Reading…


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Individuals who are at the crossroads of divorce face a challenging decision that affects every aspect of their lives. Deciding how long to try to work out marriage problems can be a difficult and emotional process. Continue Reading…


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Love, marriage, and the baby carriage are certainly wonderful, though difficult enough the first time around. But on the second go-around, dating and mating is often further complicated by previous loss, upset children, and an overwhelming ambivalence about hopping aboard all over again.

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Vowing to Stay Married

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January is stereotypically known for being the healthiest time of year; we start diet and fitness plans with a new resolve to live longer, happier lives. However, there is another common practice that isn’t so positive in January: it is the one month out of the year marked by the greatest number of people filing for divorce. Continue Reading…