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Best move might not be divorce

Salt Lake Tribune Is there such a thing as a good divorce? Much has been written lately about “the good divorce,” but does such a thing really exist? It appears that this softened talk about divorce is alive and well in our society. Guilty, heartbroken parents worry about their children. And, well-meaning professionals are there […]

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Infidelity: Painful, widespread

Salt Lake Tribune Your spouse had an affair: forgive, or forget it? There seems to be a myth in the minds of today’s married couples: the myth of monogamy. The people who are the most vulnerable? Those who say, “That’ll never happen to us!” The truth is, we’re all vulnerable. How could “it” happen in […]

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Early nuptials boost Utah’s divorce rate

Salt Lake Tribune In Utah, do we marry too young and too quickly?> High school students are required to take many courses, including chemistry, but, there is no requirement for taking a course in marriage. That would be “chemistry” of a different nature. Such a course, however, may be a good idea considering that 25 […]

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