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Couples sometimes worry that therapists are judging them or sizing them up.

I highly recommend the book, Take Back Your Marriage by Dr Bill Dougherty.


How to Grow Grit

June 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

Psychologists are always trying to bottle up the secret to success, and new research suggests it comes from grit.


In February, Emily Dyches was killed when she jumped out of the car, and ran in front of a semi-truck on I-15 near Nephi. Emily’s husband is now sharing her legacy in hopes of helping other women dealing with mood disorders that can be linked to post-partum depression.
Sam Penrod shares the family’s efforts that they call “The Emily Effect.


You might know someone (or be someone) who is always worried about being sick or contracting some horrible disease. We joke about hypochondriacs, but it’s a very real condition that can affect the lives of those with the condition and those who love them.

Imagine you’re experiencing unsettling heart palpitations. Despite every imaginable test, the results consistently return negative. Nada. Nothing! A huge relief, right? Well, not for everyone. Instead of relief, many feel disbelief, insisting that something is terribly wrong.

The term “hypochondriasis” is a medical term that is often misunderstood and has negative connotations. However, when properly used, hypochondriasis is another way to label the experience of having intense worries and fears about disease that persist despite the constant reassurance from medical staff and testing. Continue Reading…


KSL Television ~ Studio 5 ~ View Video Segment

It’s easy to see how we can get caught off guard unless we’re prepared with a certain level of knowledge about helping a loved one with a mental condition.And the numbers are high. One out of 4 adults suffers with a mental illness in any given year. Continue Reading…