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We’re told that those not-so-pleasant emotions are normal, but do they negatively impact our daily happiness?


Teens can sometimes be emotional, but when is their moody behavior a bigger issue than just teen hormones?


Couples sometimes worry that therapists are judging them or sizing them up.

I highly recommend the book, Take Back Your Marriage by Dr Bill Dougherty.


How to Grow Grit

June 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

Psychologists are always trying to bottle up the secret to success, and new research suggests it comes from grit.


In February, Emily Dyches was killed when she jumped out of the car, and ran in front of a semi-truck on I-15 near Nephi. Emily’s husband is now sharing her legacy in hopes of helping other women dealing with mood disorders that can be linked to post-partum depression.
Sam Penrod shares the family’s efforts that they call “The Emily Effect.