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We’re told that those not-so-pleasant emotions are normal, but do they negatively impact our daily happiness?

Teens can sometimes be emotional, but when is their moody behavior a bigger issue than just teen hormones?

Couples sometimes worry that therapists are judging them or sizing them up.

I highly recommend the book, Take Back Your Marriage by Dr Bill Dougherty.

How to Grow Grit

June 28, 2016 — Leave a comment

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Psychologists are always trying to bottle up the secret to success, and new research suggests it comes from grit.

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In February, Emily Dyches was killed when she jumped out of the car, and ran in front of a semi-truck on I-15 near Nephi. Emily’s husband is now sharing her legacy in hopes of helping other women dealing with mood disorders that can be linked to post-partum depression.
Sam Penrod shares the family’s efforts that they call “The Emily Effect.