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Dr. Liz Hale shares how improving your sex life will lead to a stronger connection with your spouse.

See the book Come As You Are Dr. Liz mentioned.
See Gottman Institute’s list of 13 things all couples do who have an amazing sex life.

It’s common practice for moms to talk to the girls about puberty and dads to talk to the boys.

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A popular TED Talk called “The Demise of Guys in America” highlights a group of men who simply aren’t stepping up. But are wives just as guilty when it comes to pulling their weight?

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When it comes to kids and sex, that big conversation has most definitely changed. If we don’t step in to teach our children about sex, someone else certainly will.

Should You Schedule Sex?

November 28, 2012 — Leave a comment

We schedule doctors’ appointments, vacations and special events–but what about scheduling sex?

Many view a calendared-tryst as unromantic, lacking in spontaneity and excitement. However, is it possible that it could just be plain smart with today’s busy lifestyles?

Sex is perfectly natural….but it’s not always naturally perfect! Like anything worthwhile, it takes work, effort and forethought. Continue Reading…