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February 15th marked a national holiday: S.A.D. No, not Seasonal Affective Disorder, but Single’s Awareness Day. However, those two different events may have felt like one-in-the-same for those feeling blue and alone last week. But, whether you are single by death, divorce, choice, or still wondering why, living alone doesn’t mean you are alone – nearly 98 million people live as singles in the United States. Continue Reading…


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Valentine’s Day. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? Stupid or Cupid? For singles, it can seem like an unbearable holiday that can’t end early enough. For marrieds, it may seem like yet another ultra-romantic set-up by the greeting card, candy, and jewelry industries and to think you just barely got through Christmas!

What’s hailed as the “most romantic night” of the year puts high expectations and heavy pressures on everyone, especially husbands. Once, again, men, it’s up to you to perform. Your job, wives? To be grateful. Continue Reading…


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Have you ever been judged unfairly because of your weight?

It was probably blind date No. 52, but there was something different about this one. I kind of liked him! He was educated, fun-loving, and living his career dream. So I was rather disappointed when his phone calls were sporadic and interest luke-warm. Then I had a conversation with the “friend” who set us up. The feedback? A bit painful. No. 52’s comment? “You said Liz was slim . . . but, she certainly isn’t skinny.” Continue Reading…


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Many readers responded to last week’s inquiry regarding singles’ social stigma. It seems the only attachment many of us have is to the feeling of not fitting in. Continue Reading…


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Why is there a social stigma associated with being single?

“Dave” called the radio show the day before Thanksgiving to share the painful memories of his post-divorce, nine-year stretch of loneliness prior to his current marriage. “Holidays remind you that you’re single. I hated every one of them those were the worst times of my life.” Continue Reading…