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Dr. Liz on Studio 5

Dr. Liz Hale shares the annual performance review for your marriage.

Practical Skills

I admire your courage and humility as you search for a marriage professional who is a good fit for you. You likely never thought you’d be here seeking help from a complete stranger. The truth is, none of us know how to be securely married until we’re willing to open up on matters of the heart and become educated by someone who is specifically trained by leading marriage and family researchers. Want to know the good news? Small, doable tweaks here or there can make dramatic differences between you both.

(And hint: the skills learned in marriage therapy will also benefit you in your parenting, extended family, and career roles and goals.)

Common Sense Support

I use common sense principles with proven research success. This is a really good time to be married! We know more today than ever before about what makes a marriage thrive versus dive. My goal is to help bring out the best of what each of you bring to your union and guide you in making peace with painful pasts, hurtful misunderstandings, as well as teach you the skills that will confidently guide you through other bumps in the road sure to come ... because we’re human. What’s wonderful about getting through the tough times is your reward of a closer connection.

Short Term Therapy

My private practice operates a bit differently than most; my sessions are two-hours each or longer upon request. I believe in getting in, working hard, and getting out and moving up and on, continuing to build a deeply meaningful life together.

Of course, once you have me you’ve got me for life so my door and phone line are always open to you for reminders and refreshers. Even the best of the marriages get stuck and just need some quick tips and tools to return to solid ground.

Pulling for You~



Marriage Education

Couples often seek Marriage Counseling in an effort to better understand their partner and strengthen their relationship.  Some couples go through Marriage Counseling to heal a troubled relationship.

702 East South Temple Street
Salt Lake City
UT, 84102

Call: (801) 520 6580