Survey Your Relationship With

Divorce is expensive across the board; financially, emotionally, physically, socially and spiritually. We know more today than ever before about what makes marriage work. It’s never too late or too early to become educated on the matter.

As the Utah Marriage Commission, we are partners with the Relate Institute that allows you to take the Relate Inventory and get a report about your relationship for free! RELATE is an on-line relationship questionnaire designed to provide you with research-based feedback about how you are doing in your relationship. It is the only existing questionnaire with feedback that has been scientifically proven to help couples improve their relationship health. Each partner completes the questionnaire individually and then and within minutes a report is generated. The report includes graphs and texts to help couples discuss the important issues relevant to their relationship. It also helps couples recognize strengths, discover resources, identify potential problems, and open a dialogue about their values, attitudes and beliefs about marriage.

If you’d like the help of a facilitator to interpret your report and or to work with you on more in-depth issues, consider Couple Care, also offered on the website.

Relate and Couple Care is a powerful combination! It is designed to help couples work through potential problems in their backgrounds, improve communication, manage conflict, improve intimacy, and learn to address problems before they become difficult to overcome. There are 6 units; couples first watch a DVD, work through activities for that unit and discuss their experience with a trained professional facilitator by phone or Internet. Relate/Couple Care usually costs $300.00 but for Utah residents it’s free! Why wouldn’t we take advantage of a free, key tool that could set us up for success.

You can access the survey and the other resources at Strongermarriage.orgÃ?· On the main page of is the search boxââ?¬Â¦type “Relate” in order to take the questionnaire and connect with a facilitator.