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We’re told that those not-so-pleasant emotions are normal, but do they negatively impact our daily happiness?


Women often assume they already know plenty about a man’s inner life. So after years of marriage, you rightfully might feel confident you know your husband inside and out.


It can emotionally weigh you down, and negatively impact your other relationships. So, why are we still hanging on?

Think of the action words we use to describe our behavior around resentments: We “hold on to” OUR grudges and we “carry” OUR resentments. Grudges don’t hold on to us, we hold on to them; and resentment doesn’t carry us, we carry it. We are in charge; we are responsible! We are the only ones that can let go and put down these weapons of mass destruction.

Here are a few ways to “budge a grudge,” and find emotional freedom: Continue Reading…